Friday, 24 May 2013

Final post that I had forgot about, this was a clay made version of where the wild things are I just thought i would post it before the 4 pm dealine hope you enjoy.
This is a copy of my CV

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

DVD cover
This is a a drawing of the apprentice.
This here is an animated version of where the wild things are from 1973 by Gene Deitch.

And below is the trailer for the motion picture adaption made in 2009.

These a re few examples of his artwork.
Maurice Sendak.

When I started thinking of ideas I had a look into the work of Maurice Sendak the author of 'Where the wild things are' I done this as i was wanting to gain some inspiration
 from not only his stories but his art work. As you can see from the above picture his artwork was quite unique and I was wanting to gain some of this uniqueness for my work.